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Hyper-personalize and get more personal with your customer, securely.

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)  - Sites and Assets

Being a partner with Adobe since 2008, we have been working with Adobe's suite of products for decades.  We are experts in AEM and have a direct path to Adobe's engineering, product management and sales team.  We are a trusted and valued partner with Adobe.

Adaptive Forms

Adaptive forms allow you to create forms that are engaging, responsive, dynamic, and adaptive. AEM Forms provides an intuitive user interface and out-of-the-box components for creating and working with adaptive forms. You can choose to create an adaptive form based on a form model or schema or without a form model. It is important to carefully choose the form model that not only suits your requirements but extends your existing infrastructural investments and assets.

Document Generation and Interactive Communication

Interactive Communications centralizes and manages the creation, assembly, and delivery of secure, personalized, and interactive correspondences such as business correspondence, documents, statements, benefit notices, marketing mails, bills, and welcome kits.  Furthermore, Output service supports various output document generation formats and output design features of AEM Forms.

Workflow and Process Design / Migration of LiveCycle to AEM

Adobe AEM Forms helps organizations design, deploy and manage automated business-process applications that connect systems and human interactions. Source360 group has deployed 100s of workflows on behalf of customers.  In addition, we have experience migration from LiveCycle processes to AEM Forms.  

Accessibility and Compliance

Access is important for all individuals, especially for people with disabilities. However, people with disabilities don’t always receive the service they need. Several barriers can make it harder for them to access critical financial services or build optimal working relationships. Source360 has a proven track record for converting legacy forms and documents to accessible forms and documents - quickly and affordably.

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