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We've moved to Costa Rica!!

In 2016, Source360 decided to start "nearshoring" as they say. This means that we hired some contractors from Central America, trained them and assigned them to some of our projects. The experience was so positive, we decided to expand operations to Costa Rica! In 2018, we officially opened our offices in San Jose, Costa Rica. While many of our employees and contractors in Central America work from home, we have decided to make Costa Rica a more permanent home for part of our team. Since then, we have developed some of the most rewarding relationships and creative talent in the world. We are proud to call Costa Rica our 2nd home.

While your project may or may not have Central American resources, know that they are available to you. We do not consider ourselves a "Nearshoring" company however we have the ability to augment your team just as well as any other.

Here is the team celebrating one of our first dinner's together in San Jose.

If you haven't been to San Jose, here is a great shot from an old Monastery on top of a mountain.

As they say in Costa Rica . . .

Pura Vida!

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